wizyta u dietetyka


  • The day before the test no alcohol should be consumed
  • Do not eat or drink 3 hours before the examination.
  • Prepare current test results and a list of medicines taken on an ongoing basis/li>
  • For a better analysis of your lifestyle and diet, you can fill in a “daily activity log” and a “nutrition log” which will be sent to you by appointment to your e-mail address.

In order to ensure the highest quality of services and provide the best specialist for you, when contacting the reception desk, please give the reason why you decided to visit a dietitian such as the desire to change lifestyle, the need to reduce body weight, pregnancy, illness, etc.

The course of the visit

  • Body composition analysis by electrical bioimpedance method and anthropometric measurements.
  • Detailed interview on lifestyle, nutrition and health, analysis of the results of the studies provided by the patient and discussion of the results of the tests conducted during the visit.
  • Discussion of the results of the tests provided by the patient.
  • Formulation of the objectives of the diet and the real time needed to achieve full success.


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