Michał Rysiawa

About me:

I am a physiotherapist with a diploma from the College of Rehabilitation in Warsaw and the Medical University of Lodz, where I received a Master degree of Physiotherapy.
On a daily basis I deal with orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation of adults after injuries and in overload syndromes of the spine and limbs, degenerative changes, as well as pre- and postoperative rehabilitation.
I was active since childhood, but it wasn’t until I was 13 that I started to train volleyball. After a year, I switched to baseball, which I’ve been training for 12 years. Years of training caused me to feel the problems associated with injuries on my own skin. I was familiar with bruising, joint twisting, ligament damage or muscle tearing. Thanks to this I can understand patients better and I am richer with my own experience, I am able to choose more effectively methods of restoring patients.
Postgraduate education:
– Manual Therapy Course “Orthopaedic Medicine according to Cyriax” (Certified therapist)
-training PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
-training FDM (Fascial Distortion Model)
– Training “Selection and installation of orthopaedic inserts ICB MEDICAL” in the field of anatomy and biomechanics of the foot, patient examination for orthopaedic foot supply, selection and installation of thermoplastic orthoses ICB MEDICAL
– I and II level massage course
– elastic therapeutic tape KT1/KT2

What do I treat?

jaw joint dysfunction
crackle in jaw joint
spinal pains
shoulder pain
knee pain
hip pain
neck pain
muscle aches
pain in radices
post-traumatic conditions
spinal injuries
postsurgical conditions
tennis elbow
golfer’s elbow
degenerative diseases
myofascial syndrome
joint sprain
damage to the locomotory organ
damage to tendons
damage to ligament
bad posture
subacromial impingement syndrome
sports injuries



I am a participant of numerous conferences and lectures on physiotherapeutic, orthopaedic and sports, among others:
– Fourth scientific and training conference “Scoliosis Practitioners’ Forum”
– Workshop “Therapeutic insight into a person with scoliosis” according to the Kaltenborn-Evjenth method
– Workshop “Therapeutic insights into a person with scoliosis” according to the PNF method
– Functional fitness training workshops for physical education teachers and sports instructors
– Training and workshops in baseball teaching and training and sports psychology.In 2017 I was an Assistant Coach of the Polish Senior National Team in Softball.
Among the sporting achievements I have the Polish Championships and Vice-Championships in Baseball as a player, as well as the Polish Championships and Cups won as a coach assistant to the women’s team Warsaw Diamonds (2013-2015).

Hobby: Volleyball, handball, travelling.