Aleksandra Hołowiecka PhD

What do I treat?
breast cancer
testicular cancer
malignant melanoma
kidney cancer
multiple myeloma
arterial hypertension
gastrointestinal cancer
digestive tract disorders
respiratory problems


Languages: Polish, English, French, German

ACHIEVEMENTS: Graduated with first place and distinction from Medical University of Silesia, during her studies she completed medical practices in domestic and foreign centres (Paris, London, Linz).

Since the beginning of her professional career she has been involved in haematology and oncology. She studied in leading Polish centres (Gliwice and Warsaw Oncology Centre, Department of Hematology and Marrow Transplantation in Katowice, Institute of Hematology in Warsaw), where she obtained the titles of specialist and doctor of medical sciences. Author and co-author of scientific publications. Member of the Polish Union of Oncology, the Polish Society of Clinical Oncology, the Association of the Polish Group for the Treatment of Leukemia for Adults, the Polish Society of Haematologists and Transfusionologists. She completed post-graduate studies at the Institute of Food and Nutrition in the field of dietary counselling. Offstage, a mother of two teenage daughters. She likes to read, travel, festival cinema, good cuisine and cooking, as well as sport – rollerblading, fitness, skiing, dancing.