Laserowe leczenie hemoroidów Warszawa

Treatment of anal fistulas is one of the biggest challenges of proctology. Classical methods are associated with a high risk of sphincter damage and faecal incontinence, and at the same time are associated with a high risk of fistula recurrence. The introduction of laser treatment of rectal fistulas is a breakthrough in therapy enabling effective treatment with low risk of complications.

The laser treatment of the fistula is always decided by the doctor, because this method cannot be used in all cases. Treatment is almost always two-stage. The first stage consists in the transmission through the fistula of a special rubber loop which enables the reduction of inflammation and is a very important element of treatment. The second stage involves the introduction of a special laser fiber into the fistula, which during ejection causes the walls to stick together thanks to the conical beam of laser light. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, which eliminates unpleasant sensations.

During the rehabilitation period after the treatment, a small amount of secretion may still siphon off the treated fistula for some time, of which there is less and less with time, until the complete healing. Complications are rare and the effectiveness of treatment is high, which makes the FiLac method more and more popular.

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