leczenie hemoroidów warszawa

The use of laser to treat haemorrhoidal disease is a breakthrough therapy and hope for almost painless and very effective treatment. Laser hemorrhoidoplasty is a method that can be used in all cases, even the most advanced (although not always and the final qualification depends on the doctor).

It involves inserting a laser fiber through a micro incision into the hemorrhoidal nodule and its coagulation by means of light. The effect of treatment is not immediate and you have to wait a few days for the final effect. During this time, the nodules shrink and the ailments disappear. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and the patient has no unpleasant sensations associated with it. During the rehabilitation period, there is usually a slight discomfort associated with wounds after the introduction of laser fibre and transient swelling of tissues. Complications are rare, and the effectiveness of the treatment is high, which affects the ever-growing popularity of the treatment.

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