Rubber band ligation is a minimally invasive method of hemorrhoidal disease treatment, consisting in the placement of a changed hemorrhoidal nodule (hemorrhoid) on the base of a rubber band causing its ischemia, and consequently necrosis, scarring and spontaneous separation of the nodule. This process takes about 10-20 days. After selecting the most pathologically changed nodules using a special sleeve connected to a vacuum pump, the changed bleeding nodule is sucked in and a rubber band is placed at its base. The rubber is applied within the mucous membrane which is not painfully innervated, therefore the procedure is almost painless. If pain occurs when the rubbers are already in place, they should be cut. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes. After the procedure a slight bleeding may occur for a few days. It is also visible sometimes after the eraser together with the hemorrhoid falls off.

Before the procedure, you should tell your doctor if you are being treated for cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus or if you take anticoagulants or other medicines.

Preparation for the examination

You don’t need to be fasting before you undergo the rubber band ligation. There is also no need for any specialist examinations – the procedure is very minimally invasive. A few hours before the procedure (from 8 to 2 hours before the procedure) it is advisable to make one enema so that the rectal ampulla is empty.

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