iniekcja preparat sanakin

Patients embarking on Sanakin therapy:

  • must not drink alcohol on the day before blood collection
  • should avoid nicotine, coffee, black tea and fatty foods on the day of blood collection
  • should eat something light before collection – do not come on an empty stomach
  • should drink 2-3 litres of fluid daily for 2-3 days before the intake – the more the patient drinks, the more serum can be obtained

Postpone the blood collection to another day or discuss it with your doctor if:

  • a fever or acute infection has occurred
  • there was diarrhoea
  • the patient has been vaccinated in the last four weeks

After injection, follow the instructions:

  • avoid strenuous exercise to keep your joints free of stress for as long as possible
  • avoid hot and humid places (e. g. sauna, swimming pool)
Please note that the Patient should reserve 3 hours for a visit to the Clinic. First, the blood is collected by the doctor/nurse, then placed in a special incubator for 3 hours, where it is heated to the required temperature, centrifuged and then administered to the patient. The patient does not need to be at the clinic during this time, but should be present 3 hours after the collection.
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