hotler ekg warszawa

Holter monitor, or 24/48 – hourly ECG registration with the Holter method, allows for hours of ECG registration in conditions of unrestricted, 24-hour activity of the examined person. It is used to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart. It records cardiac rhythm and atrioventricular conduction disturbances, allows to evaluate the effectiveness of a pacemaker and detect abnormalities in myocardial blood supply. The examination is performed on the order of the doctor, and it is recommended for patients:

  • with a heart rhythm disorder,
  • under the influence of antiarrhythmic treatment
  • with an artificial cardiac pacemaker
  • having an anaemic heart muscl

It consists in wearing a special device for 24 hours or more, consisting of cables and suction pads with electrodes placed in appropriate places on the body. In order for the test to be carried out in conditions that give the best results, it is necessary to:

  • do not use creams, lotions or substances containing alcohol in the places where the electrodes will be stuck
  • wear tight underwear (e. g. sports underwear) or an adjoining T-shirt to secure the cables, then the ECG’s technical record is of the highest quality.

The results report is ready for collection at the health care facility after 3 working days.

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