Endoskopia Warszawa

We have the latest generation of endoscopy equipment – Olympus Evis Exera III, which is used for gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

kolonoskopia badanie
  • Technological solutions in our endoscopic equipment allow us to useonly small amounts of anaesthetics, which is not without impact on patient’s health.
  • In addition, the NBI (Narrow Bind Imaging) system, high image quality, wide viewing angle and double focus enable accurate assessment of even small changes the digestive tract and correct diagnosis.
  • Thanks to such a high quality endoscope we provide all patients with a high standard and accuracy of examination, which is extremely important for such serious examinations.
  • Advanced image processing features ensure clarity in every detail.
  • This series of endoscopes is one step ahead of other devices available on the market in terms of ease of use. This provides a higher level of comfort for patients during the examination.
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