Gastroscopy (with HP urease test) 210 PLN
Ph-metry with esophageal impedance (24h) 800 PLN
Colonoscopy (no cost of anaesthesia) 390 PLN
Rectoscopy 220-260 PLN
Anoscopy + proctological consultation from 200 PLN
Capsule endoscopy of the small intestine 3500 PLN
Hydrogenous breathing test
(glucose, fructose, xylitol, lactulose, lactose, sorbitol)
170 PLN
Hydrogenous breathing test for children 300 PLN
Rubber Band Ligation (for one rubber) from 400 PLN
Anaesthesia for gastroscopy 250 PLN
Anaesthesia for colonoscopy 290 PLN
Anaesthesia for colonoscopy and gastroscopy for
combined surgery
350 PLN
Section60 PLN
First polypectomy (histopathological examination included) 285 PLN
Polypectomy - another one (histopathological examination included)
190 PLN
Histopathological examination (first section) 95 PLN
Histopathological examination (another section)90 PLN
Hinton test 450 PLN
Endoscopy film recording (1 examination) 150 PLN
Endoscopy film recording (2 examinations)200 PLN