leczenie kapsułką endoskopia warszawa

Capsule endoscopy of the small intestine is a medical procedure that enables visualization of the small intestine interior in order to diagnose and treat abnormalities. The test is performed using a CapsoCam Plus capsule equipped with four miniature cameras that take pictures of the internal walls of the digestive tract.

The capsule is similar in size to a large tablet and is easy to swallow. The capsule takes thousands of photos while passing through the gastrointestinal tract. This will allow your doctor to obtain an image of your small intestine that is impossible to obtain using traditional endoscopic techniques. The capsule test is completely painless. During the examination, you can devote yourself to normal everyday activities. After the capsule has passed through the digestive tract, your doctor will take the images from the capsule and will be able to view them using specialized computer software.

Cost: 3500 zł (with description)

Preparation – as in the case of colonoscopy.

What should I do if I swallow a pill?
-After swallowing the capsule, drink it with water. Drink TOTAL 0.5 l of water.
-Do not eat for 6 hours, then we recommend an easily digestible diet.

• Where constrictions or fistulas in the gastrointestinal tract are suspected (based on clinical picture and previous studies).
• In cases where the patient has swallowing disorders
• In the case of pregnant women.

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