Piotr Diuwe PhD

What do I treat?

surgical diseases
skin lesions
abdominal pains
postoperative pain
bleeding from the anus
anal fissure
anal diseases
rectal cancer
rectal prolapse
anal fistula
sentinel fold
incision of abscesses
pilonidal cyst
proctological diseases during pregnancy
proctological diseases


SERVICES: consultations, procedures in the field of proctology, surgery and gastrology
rectal clot incision
laser piles surgery
laser anal fissure surgery
laser removal of condyloma
excision of an anal fissure with sphincter injection with botulinum toxin (botox)
rubber band ligation
removal of whiteheads, steatocystoma, marks, warts, fibroids
plastics of the umbilical hernia
removal of inguinal hernia

Languages: Polish, English

ACHIEVEMENTS: Doctor in the General Surgery and Transplantation Clinic of the Jesus Child Clinical Hospital in Warsaw, where he has been specializing in general surgery since 2010. In 2014 he started his doctoral dissertation at the Medical University of Warsaw. Member of the Polish Transplant Society and the Polish Surgeons’ Society. Graduate of the I Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw. He participates in numerous