Marcin Wojtkowski MD

What do I treat?

I specialize in: diagnostics and treatment of spine diseases, hip joints, knee joints, ankle joints and other orthopaedic diseases.
Surgical treatment of:
– degenerative diseases (hips, knees, feet)
– neoplastic bone lesions
– fractures in the locomotory organs
Revision surgery


SERVICES: Orthopaedic consultation
circumarticular and intra-articular injections

ACHIEVEMENTS: He graduated from the Military Medical Academy and postgraduate studies in “Innovation Management in Medicine”. He has always been associated with the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw at Szaserów Street. He was involved in three combat missions in Afghanistan. Commander of the Field Hospital in Afghanistan. A surgeon who saved many soldiers from disability. Originator and executor of the scientific project “Afghanistan” in the field of security and defense. Lecturer at the Military University of Technology and postgraduate studies at the University of Warsaw. Organizer and speaker of many conferences and trainings in Poland and abroad. The main prize, for the first time for a foreigner, at the 58th Conference of American Military Orthopaedics in California. Award from the President of the Republic of Poland as a token of recognition and merit.

Hobby: Passionate about sailing