Magdalena Kochman PhD

What do I treat?

thyroid diseases
pituitary diseases
pancreatic diseases
diseases of parathyroid gland
adrenal diseases
gonadal diseases


SERVICES: endocrinological consultations, thyroid ultrasound

Languages: Polish

ACHIEVEMENTS: Team Award of the Director of the Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education for didactic activity (2012) for the textbook Great Interna. Endocrinology, Part I and Part II. ed. Zgliczyński W., Medical Tribune Polska, Warsaw 2011, ISBN 1
Since 1999 she has been employed in the Endocrinology Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education in Warsaw as an assistant, assistant professor and now, since 2011, a senior lecturer.
Lecturer in endocrinology at specialization courses run by CPME
Lecturer, scientific and administrative manager of CPME improvement courses recommended for specialization in endocrinology “Basics of thyroid ultrasonography”. Fields of expertise: internal medicine (2006), endocrinology (2010), nuclear medicine (2016)
Certificate of the Polish Ultrasound Society in the field of neck ultrasonography (2009)
Doctoral degree in medical science obtained on the basis of the thesis: “Influence of gonadal function on bone mineral density and selected bone metabolism indicators in acromegal patients”