Andrzej Berman MD

What do I treat?

cupper and lower gastrointestinal diseases, including gastritis and duodenitis
diverticulosis of the intestine
intestinal tumors
chronic pancreatitis
inguinal hernia
umbilical hernia
anal fissure
anal fistula
sentinel fold
incision of abscesses
pilonidal cyst
proctological diseases during pregnancy

SPECIALISATIONS: , , , , transplantologia kliniczna

SERVICES: endoscopic diagnostics,
endoscopic removal of lesions from the gastrointestinal tract,
an incision in the rectal clot,
laser surgery of piles
laser rectal fissure surgery,
laser removal of condyloma,
excision of an anal fissure with sphincter injection with botulinum toxin (botox),
rubber band ligation,
removal of whiteheads, steatoma, marks, warts, fibroids
Umbilical hernia surgery,
Removal of inguinal hernia
esophageal impedance,
laparoscopic procedures: gallbladder, abdominal hernias

Languages: Polish, English

ACHIEVEMENTS: Co-creation and implementation of a pancreatic island transplantation program in Poland. Co-creation of the Association Aktywni z Cukrzycą (Active with Diabetes).

Hobby: fishing, archaeology, sailing, shooting sports, skiing